Fake job offers!

23 Aug 2022

Recently we have been receiving more and more news about persons offering remote work in our company on behalf of SIA Transact Pro and concluding a contract using SmartID, either other solutions or transferring some amount of money (for example, to transactpro.tech).

We ask you not to refer to such offers, because they have not been placed by SIA Transact Pro!

SIA Transact Pro places its vacancies only on company`s website, LinkedIn profile or on one of the largest vacancy portals, for example, www.cv.lv.

SIA Transact Pro will not offer to conclude an employment contract in a foreign language, unless there is a separate agreement with the candidate, will not communicate with candidates using communication platforms such as Telegram, will not offer to sign a contract before discussions with the candidate, and will in no case ask for money transfers, neither for identification nor for any other purpose!