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  • Personal Data Protection Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Fees & Charges
  • Requirements for Merchant websites
    • Merchant's website should contain all of the following information

      Merchant's contact info

      Merchant’s contact information (the address should not be posted as a picture)

      • Company name

      • Registration number

      • Address (legal)

      • Address (actual) – if it is different from Legal

      • Address Phone number

      • Fax number – if company has such number

      Customer Service information (the address should not be posted as a picture)

      • Addresses of branch/shop (if such exists)

      • Phone number

      • Fax number (if such exists)

      • Email

      *The address and contact details should be easily accessible and available for at least 120 days upon the last transaction.

      *Billing descriptor should be displayed in the way this shall appear in the credit card statement of the cardholder.

      Description of goods and services

      Goods and services from the website must fully comply with the goods and services listed in the application for registration, as well as in the contract with the bank-acquirer and should contain (at least):

      • Overview - Merchant website should contain complete description of the goods or services offered for sale by the Merchant. Product details/Technical specifications, including but not limited to characteristics, measurements, photographs, content and material. For the software - the system requirements, for services - how and when could be provided.

      • Price and currency - accurate information about price and billing currency should be provided for all goods and services presented to potential customers.

      Payment methods

      International payment system logos should be full color to indicate card acceptance. Logos of payment systems (Visa, MasterCard) should be integrated in website. Logos should not appear in disadvantage in regards to other payment methods.

      3D-Secure marks (Optional)

      Merchants who participate in 3-D Secure must display the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode marks in full colors.

      Legal information

      Terms & Conditions - purchase terms and conditions should be displayed to the Cardholder during the order process either: 

      • On the same screen used as the checkout screen indicating the total transaction amount; or 

      • Within the sequence of web pages accessed by the Cardholder prior to the final checkout.

      Privacy Policy - website should carry a proper displayed privacy policy section stating that cardholder’s personal and credit card details will be handled secure to ensure confidentiality and SSL encryption will be used to ensure sensitive data protection.

      Sales and Refunds:

      • Payments & Pricing - Website should contain information regarding payment methods (internet, phone), accepted card types (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro), processing exceptions if any, speed of payment.

      • Tax information, Export restrictions and regulations of delivery as well as restrictions on the provision of services (if any such restrictions).

      Delivery - complete and accurate information about the delivery of goods and services should be provided by the Merchant on its website - terms, methods, conditions, and any other information required to obtain a clear understanding of the delivery of goods and services after payment with credit card. Shipping address - Merchant in the website should not specify a shipping address only in USA, in the EU- it is required.

      Returns - Merchant should provide a description of the procedures and conditions (including possible penalties) of refund in the event of buyer's refusal to accept the order, exchange or delivery of substitute goods / services.

      Website should contain a "click to accept" button, or other acknowledgement, on its website evidencing that the cardholder has accepted the return policy.

    • Requirements for the website
      • Merchant’s website should be working - it is not allowed to sell any goods and services, referring to a web page that is not available.

      • URL/domain redirections are not allowed - Merchant’s website should not redirect or forward customers to other URL/domains, as well Merchant’s website should not receive redirected customers from other resources. Exceptions – advertisement, search queries, domain name change (if it was necessary).

      • Merchant’s website should not contain any malicious software.


  • Transact Online User Manual
    • Registration in the Transact Online system

      Transact Online allows you to access the information relating to all your registered accounts and cards. In order to start working with Transact Online system you have to complete straightforward registration process during your first log-in attempt.

      For registration in the Transact Online system you will need information, contained in the PIN-envelope issued to you.

      For registration in the Transact Online system:

      1. Open Transact Online website
      2. Enter in the User ID field the 8-digit account number, which you will find on the front side of the PIN-envelope.
      3. Enter in the Password field the password, which you will find under “Password” label inside of the PIN-envelope.
      4. Press "Sign-in".

      On the next page you will able to see your User ID and you will be offered to enter the new password for the access to the system (you may use the same password, which you used for registration in the system). IMPORTANT! Once the registration is complete, you will be able to access the Transact Online only by using your User ID and the password you have entered. The password can always be changed in the future if needed.

    • How to log in?
      1. Open Transact Online website
      2. Use the relevant fields to enter your User ID and the permanent password. 
        User ID consists of “u” character and 8 digits and is assigned to each user during registration process in the Transact Online system. During the registration process, the user also chooses permanent password.
      3. Depending on type of services you have requested from Transact Pro, you may also be required to enter 6-digit code from the code card or digipass in the additional field that will be displayed.
      4. Press "Sign-in".
    • Basic Principles on the Use of Transact Online

      In Transact Online you can select operations by clicking on the desired menu.

      Unlike with regular browsers, you cannot use the Back, Forward or Refresh (Reload) buttons, all orders must be given from menus.

      All users, who have been inactive (have not performed any activities on the Transact Online) for 5 minutes, are logged out from the system. The alert box will be displayed, informing the user on period of time, after which the session will be terminated. After the alert box opens the user can choose option to continue the session by pressing “Logout”. If no action is taken during time period given, the user will be required to re-log in the Transact Online to continue.

      We recommend avoiding lengthy pauses when entering information.

      If a technical error occurs and your Transact Online session has been erroneously closed, you can re-log in the Transact Online system right away and continue your work.

      To stop working in Transact Online, click "Exit" on the right top of the page. This must be always done to stop using Transact Online.

    • Security

      Transact Pro ensures security of Transact Online through constant development and monitoring of its electronic channels. However, no less important is to take care of safety of the computer and adhere to the principles of financial safety on the web by the user himself or herself:

      • keep username and password secret, store the means of authentication at a location accessible to the user only;
      • use of anti-viruses and security software;
      • avoid disclosure of details necessary for use of electronic services. It is important to keep in mind that Transact Pro will never ask you to e-mail or disclose by phone data such as Transact Online password or codes from the code card or security token.
  • DMAX Mastercard / TLC Mastercard
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    Buy USD 1.2375
    Sell USD 1.3702
    Buy EUR 569.0000
    Sell EUR 536.0000
    Buy USD 513.0000
    Sell USD 464.0000
    Buy EUR 1.6071
    Sell EUR 1.5287
    Buy USD 0.7629
    Sell USD 0.6972
    Buy EUR 2.5760
    Sell EUR 2.3220
    Buy USD 2.2730
    Sell USD 2.0490
    Buy EUR 1.5766
    Sell EUR 1.4310
    Buy USD 1.3913
    Sell USD 1.2622
    Buy EUR 1.1934
    Sell EUR 1.0800
    Buy USD 1.0526
    Sell USD 0.9526
    Buy EUR 7.9260
    Sell EUR 7.4050
    Buy USD 6.9930
    Sell USD 6.5330
    Buy EUR 26.4650
    Sell EUR 24.9230
    Buy USD 23.3500
    Sell USD 21.9900
    Buy EUR 131.6820
    Sell EUR 119.0700
    Buy USD 116.1780
    Sell USD 105.0560
    Buy EUR 449.5900
    Sell EUR 406.7700
    Buy USD 396.6700
    Sell USD 358.8900
    Buy EUR 10.1915
    Sell EUR 9.3525
    Buy USD 8.9916
    Sell USD 8.2517
    Buy EUR 4.4640
    Sell EUR 4.2040
    Buy USD 3.9390
    Sell USD 3.7090
    Buy EUR 79.9915
    Sell EUR 69.6706
    Buy USD 70.5759
    Sell USD 61.4695
    Buy EUR 11.1160
    Sell EUR 10.0577
    Buy USD 9.8073
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