Transact Pro takes over the loyalty card project of the Domina Shopping centre

12 Jul 2017

Transact Pro is investing in the development of the loyalty card system and starting in June 2017 will begin the provision of loyalty cards for the Domina shopping centre.

Any company will want to establish a sustainable cooperation with its client, to ensure the client will return, as the range of services complies with the client’s wishes and needs, this is where the most favourable offers can be received.

“Loyalty cards are the way to improve loyalty and makes the offer of the card more attractive to all users and interested parties, the issuer of the card attracts a client, the merchant strengthens the loyalty of clients and gains the opportunity to attract new clients, and the client has an opportunity to use exclusive benefits provided to the users of these cards. Working in this industry, we see the demand and large potential for the results from loyalty, therefore we would like to develop this service,” said Board Member of Transact Pro, Maksims Jaroševskis.

It should be noted that Transact Pro, at the beginning of this year, in cooperation with the Domina shopping centre, began issuing Masterсard gift cards to be used in the shopping centre. Cards were issued to facilitate the use of cards significantly and reduce infrastructure servicing costs. The Domina Shopping client loyalty card provides discounts and special offers.

By expanding our competence and investing in the development of the loyalty card success, we can offer different solutions, co-brand cards, gift cards and cards that allow making payments and fulfil the loyalty function. In communication with clients we try to find a solution that complies with their needs the most. Transact Pro offers these solutions to its clients all over Europe and development is especially swift in the Baltics,” said the Head of the Business Development Department, Jurijs Bordulans.