DennyPay and Transact Pro partnered to deliver a scalable, online, and email-based VISA and Mastercard payment solution for Hotel businesses

23 Jul 2021

DennyPay provides the most convenient way to collect payments from customers, especially for hotels, car rentals, or any other activity. Payment orders can be automatically synchronized with your hotel management system, and payments made by guests will be transferred to the hotel management system via two-way communication.

In order to meet the challenges of the current market environment, improve customer service, and enhance payment security, DennyPay needed to implement a payment gateway for receiving and processing VISA and Mastercard payments online. The company was looking for a partner that could offer a stable and easy-to-integrate technical solution for accepting and processing card payments with flexible monitoring capabilities, a high level of risk tracking, and stable and reliable processing of a high volume of transactions.

Transact Pro proposed the Transact Pro Payment Gateway system for accepting online payments using VISA, Mastercard, and other commonly-used payment methods. The Transact Pro Payment Gateway allows clients to optimize the processing of card data, thereby increasing conversion. Transaction security for the Transact Pro Payment Gateway system is achieved by 3D Secure.