Transact Pro Launches New Loyalty Card System

13 Mar 2020

Allows Merchants to Build Ongoing Relationships with Customers

Transact Pro, a leading payment solutions provider, announces the availability its completely new Transact Pro Loyalty Card System fully compliant with GDPR requirements. The solution allows retailers to engage with customers, analyze purchase behavior, build long-term relationships, and grow revenue from repeat business. Loyalty System encourages customers to return since offers are aligned with their interests, and rewards build over time. Loyalty Card System is a perfect solution, for example, to shopping centers to build a great and strong relationships with their customers.

The new Transact Pro Loyalty Card System is an effective way to improve loyalty. The solution drives value for everyone involved. Card issuers attract new clients, merchants attract new customers and deepen relationships by encouraging repeat business, and cardholders are rewarded with exclusive benefits. New Loyalty Card System is compliant with GDPR requirements and all the customers data is secured. 

About Transact Pro 
Transact Pro is the leader of the Latvian market in the non-banking financial services sector. It is also the first company in the country to operate in this sector, licensed to provide the services in each European Union member state as an electronic money institution by the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission, which grants it the right to provide the payment services listed under the license. Transact Pro is a principal member of Visa and Mastercard, owns in-house payment processing center and a proprietary PCI DSS 1 compliant payment gateway.