“Transact Pro” creates co-branding card – NordCard in cooperation with the SIA “Hedge Capital Company”

08 May 2019

Latvia’s leading electronic money institution, Transact Pro, has launched a new Mastercard co-branding card cooperation project with credit company SIA “Hedge Capital Company”.




NordCard is a brand of the company SIA “Hedge Capital Company”, which provides credit line services for the non-banking financial services sector in Latvia.

NordCard works the same as any bank card; however, obtaining and managing the card is much simpler and more convenient. Applying for a NordCard card takes place online, and it is delivered  via post service. The card can be used to pay for purchases at points of sale and online without additional charge, to withdraw cash at ATMs across the globe and perform all the most important actions online – to activate and block the card, check the account balance and review card transactions.

About “Transact Pro” 

“Transact Pro” is the leader of the Latvian market in the non-banking financial services sector. It is also the first company in the country to operate in this sector and is licensed to operate as an electronic money institution by the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission, which grants it the right to provide the payment services listed under the license. “Transact Pro” is a member of Visa Inc. and a participant of MasterCard Worldwide.