The SWIFT international payment network connects more than 11 000 organisations in over 200 countries. The global community of SWIFT members includes banks, money brokers, investment managers, corporates, fund participants, payments infrastructures, and many more. Benefit from one of the largest financial messaging systems in the world using the Transact Pro online system.

With Transact Pro solution, you can:

  • Exchange financial information with other SWIFT network members seamlessly
  • Conduct SWIFT mass payments
  • Support multiple SWIFT versions and other financial standards
  • Reduce dependence on multiple providers with the right SWIFT formats
  1. Automate ongoing compliance with new SWIFT versions through prebuilt SWIFT transformation rules released months before the new version is supported on the SWIFT network
  2. Integrate massive volumes of batch and real-time data residing inside and outside your enterprise
  3. Transform and validate, both the syntax and the semantics for messages of any financial standard
  4. Conduct SWIFT Mass Payments
  • Risk-free and secure
  • Possibility to plan payments by setting exact dates for them
  • Transfers are made quickly and safely to almost any country in the world
  • Сurrencies: USD, EUR, GBP, and more
  • Transfers can be made to both individuals and legal bodies
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