Transact Pro Games

06 Aug 2017

In July of this year, Transact Pro once again organised a sporting competition, and most of the company’s staff members took part in the event.

The two-day competition took place at the Rakši recreation centre, where employees were divided into teams that had to compete in various activities. Their spouses and children were also invited to attend.

Sabina, a human resources specialist, likes inventing interesting tasks for her colleagues to maintain team spirit. One such task was assembling a race car against the clock. Just putting it together was not enough; it also had to be driven.

At the dinner that followed the competition, one of the invited guests, Karlis Bardelis, gave a talk about how he and Gints Barkovskis crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat called ‘Linda’. Karlis commented on what they had to do to survive during this challenge, and what it was that led them to test their strength and abilities in such a demanding fashion. The exciting story of this ‘Bored of Borders’ adventure, and the motivation to cover 6,000 kilometres of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat was met with a great deal of interest and brought up numerous questions. This truly inspiring example of successful cooperation and teamwork let them survive 143 days in the Atlantic Ocean.