The Risk Scoring application is a solution to provide risk scoring for legal and private entities in order to comply with regulatory requirements. The Risk Scoring application provides an API to verify client data and returns two scores: a Risk Score (RS) and a Total Risk Score (TRS). Additionally, a unique trace ID is returned so that the user receives a full detailed summary analysis.

  • Can be implemented even by small and mid-sized companies due to its repeatable deployment process and automation
  • Features a short deployment time and a low cost
  • Easy integration with external systems — can function as a web-based service
  • Guarantees high reliability and scalability — works with high-volume data
  • Provides risk scoring processes according to variable parameters
  • Ability to import external data from multiple sources
  • Can implement models and decision-making processes from web-based sources
  • Can define models of any structure using scores received as arguments, scoring codes of other models, and can import scoring code from other sources
  • Convert your manual paper-based processes with an automated centralized audit trail
  • Ability to control the decision flow in the scoring engine
  • Available at Transact Pro as SaaS (software service)
  • Integration via API
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