At Transact Pro, we ensure entirely automated processing of SEPA payments in all countries of the SEPA zone. Making SEPA transfers through the Transact Online system is easy and convenient. We offer:

  • Incoming SEPA payment processing
  • Outgoing SEPA payments/mass payments
  • IBAN opening and management for your customers
  • API for IBAN accounts and SEPA payments

SEPA API facilitates payment initiation, management and processing through API as well as seamless integration with third-party systems.

Our API offers:

  • SEPA payment initiation and processing
  • SEPA payment validation
  • Batch processing
  • Advanced secure file conversion, formatting and enrichment through deployed or hosted solutions
  • Sophisticated tools to validate payment details
  • Mass payments
  • Compliance with SEPA scheme rules and regulations
  • Accurate data format and content reduce number of rejected payments
  • We treat SEPA payments as national transactions, making them less expensive
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