We are Transact Pro

We’ve been providing online payment acceptance and processing services as well as debit card issuance services for corporate customers since 2004. We strive to make our services accessible and convenient for everyone; being constantly on the lookout for technological innovation and providing top-grade client service and broad product offerings has ensured our steady growth.

Transact Pro at a glance

Transact Pro is the first licensed electronic money institution in Latvia with the right to render payment services. This license has been issued by the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission.

In 2009, Transact Pro became the first Latvian non-banking institution to join international payment organisation Mastercard Worldwide as a principal member with the right to issue Mastercard payment cards.

In 2015, Transact Pro became a member of Visa Europe and also acquired Mastercard International and Visa Europe licences, granting the right to provide acquiring services.

Transact Pro, together with several other companies, is a founding member of the Association of Latvian Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions. The main objective of this association is to promote development and strengthen the market position of Latvian payment service providers and electronic money institutions.

Transact Pro acts simultaneously as a well-established, large financial company and as a small and agile start-up. We haven’t lost our innovative spirit, yet we maintain our service standards on the scale of a large enterprise. Our values are organised as pairs of seemingly opposing values that surprisingly make sense and complement each other.

  • Startup
  • Startup
  • Startup
  • Startup
  • Bank
  • Bank
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  • Startup Creativity

    Yet we never take our work routinely and are on a constant lookout for opportunities for product development and for improving our customers’ satisfaction.

  • Community atmosphere

    Yet we maintain a start-up spirit, flat structure, and direct and open communications – everything that’s needed to feed our creativity and enable trust, openness, and idea sharing.

  • Attention to individual customer’s needs

    Yet we work on keeping direct relationships and personalised service for each and every customer to offer tailored help and meet his or her unique needs.

  • Letting the passion out

    We take pride in supporting a rugby team in our home country of Latvia. With our help, the Transact Pro team has won numerous local awards, including the Latvian Championship and Cup, and has entered respected European championships. There’s no better feeling than when your team wins!

  • Bank Discipline

    We work according to formalised processes and strict standards to be able to maintain the highest quality of service and to be capable of offering the required level of security to our clients.

  • Expanding team

    We are an experienced, constantly growing team of diverse professionals from various areas of IT, management, finance, and customer support.

  • Service process standardization

    Customer success is of paramount importance for our team, and we systematically work on improving and unifying customer service processes to guarantee the highest level of service for all our clients.

  • Social responsibility

    We maintain the highest standards in regard to financial transparency and legal grounds of our business. We constantly and proactively monitor our internal practices, efficiently help to secure the same for our clients, and work in close cooperation with government institutions to support the application of secure and fair trade principles in our industry.

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